Yoga When Pregnant

An ancient form of spirituality, yoga came from India and it is deeply tied in with the religious practices and beliefs of Hinduism as well as some other religions in India. Although it provides spiritual consolation and relaxation of the mind, yoga helps as well in improving the physical fitness of those who participate.

Because of this, yoga is practiced across the world for its postures (asanas). The extensive list of different poses help to coordinate participants and helps breathing. Such postures also help pregnant women prepare for the stages of pregnancy up to and beyond labor and giving birth.

The following are some of the specific benefits of yoga for pregnant women. Known as the cat pose, this one helps the spine and lower back where pregnant women usually experience great pain.

These poses help restore the flexibility of those areas, allowing more comfort and increased health while the heroine pose is highly recommended for helping to cure indigestion and nausea.

Yoga has the answer to just about every type of physiological, psychological and spiritual disorders. Postures in yoga are basically stretching exercises that increase the strength and litheness of the muscles and also help to relieve any tension in the chest, neck and shoulders.

As the postures of yoga require the correct placement of the body, they are not going to be harmful to the body of the pregnant woman.

Yoga also helps with the proper circulation of blood to the uterus, more relaxed movement of the diaphragm and maintaining a decent rate of breathing. It reduces mental stress and promotes personal well-being of women during pregnancy. It teaches you how to release any tension in the uterus, using various techniques that will be vastly helpful throughout labor and childbirth.

In spite of this, it is important to remember that there are only certain postures of yoga that are beneficial to pregnant women. Pregnant women should avoid exercises, which involve extreme stretching. They should also avoid positions that require the person to lie on the back, bend down or stretch the legs towards the abdomen.

Yoga should only be practiced under the supervision and guidance of a highly trained and certified yoga professional.

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