Yoga Safety

Hopefully what you have read about yoga has been educational, but this section intends to clear up any uncertainty you may have while practicing yoga during pregnancy.

Yoga can be a great way to help reduce the stresses of pregnancy and help to prepare your body for giving birth. Some experts even assert that the practice of yoga during pregnancy should be a requirement.

The benefits of yoga are great and if you are physically fit and healthy and you are at one with your body then yoga will help your baby to be healthy as well as you.

Labour is often extremely demanding in both mental and physical respects and by practicing the breathing exercises of yoga; you will be able to relax a lot more during the birth of your baby. During the first instance of going into labour, adrenaline will be produced by your body due to the great excitement and anxiety that goes with the experience.

Oxytocin is the hormone that makes the labour process begin, and this can be stopped by adrenaline. If you practice the breathing exercises of yoga, you can help calm yourself and stop producing excessive adrenaline which will in turn help your labour to start faster.

Yoga will also teach you about mediation. Although this takes some work and some time to get used to it and understand it, it will eventually help relax your body and heartbeat, which is, of course, highly favourable for you and your baby.

There are some general rules when taking up yoga while pregnant. One example is, that you should not lie on your back for extended times after the 4th month. This can slow the blood flow to the rest of your body and lead to nausea and light-headedness. Although some women may have no problem with this, you need to listen to your own body, as everyone’s individual circumstances can vary.

Some exercises should be avoided entirely, especially if you have no experience of yoga already. Inversions are one thing that should not be attempted during your first pregnancy, unless you have practiced it before and you know that your body is comfortable with it.

Practicing yoga will become harder the larger your stomach grows and you may start to have difficulty balance so you will need to focus on the easier exercises.

Unless your doctor says otherwise, yoga while pregnant can be a great help in allowing you and your child to remain healthy through your entire pregnancy and beyond.

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